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Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week 2016

[invicta_heading alignment=”left” secondary_line=”The #MIspecies campaign is a collaborative effort between experts, advocates, and you to help raise awareness about the serious impact of aquatic non-native species in Michigan for Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week, July 3 – 9.” secondary_line_keywords=”awareness,collaborative,impact,#MIspecies” primary_line=”The #MIspecies campaign” primary_line_keywords=”#MIspecies”]
[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”180+ non-native species” primary_line_keywords=”180+” secondary_line=”More than 180 non-native aquatic species are established in the Great Lakes Basin, many of which are displacing native species.” secondary_line_keywords=”millions,disrupting”][invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”Lost property value” primary_line_keywords=”Lost” secondary_line=”A study published by The Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative found that the presence of phragmites, also known as the common reed, decreased property value.” secondary_line_keywords=”decreased,presence”]
[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”5 billion dollars” primary_line_keywords=”5 billion” secondary_line=”The total economic losses in the Great Lakes basin due to aquatic invasive species were estimated at $5 billion per year in 2005 per the EPA.” secondary_line_keywords=”millions,disrupting”][invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”5,600 per square meter” primary_line_keywords=”5,600″ secondary_line=”New Zealand mud snails are tiny and they outcompete native species for food and space. With no natural predators, they destroy river ecosystems that fish like trout need to survive.” secondary_line_keywords=”millions,disrupting”]
[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”900,000 registered boaters” primary_line_keywords=”900,000″ secondary_line=”Michigan has more than 900,000 registered boaters, and they can play a key role in preventing the accidental spreading of invasive species.” secondary_line_keywords=”key,accidental”]

Trouble at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

[invicta_heading alignment=”left” primary_line=”What can I do?” primary_line_keywords=”What”]
[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” secondary_line=”We need your help. Raising awareness about these important issues is the most important step in helping prevent them. Be part of the campaign by just clicking and sharing.” secondary_line_keywords=”we need your help” primary_line=”Spread the word” primary_line_keywords=”Spread”]
[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” secondary_line=”Chances are there’s an opportunity close by. Two great resources are the Michigan Invasive Species Coalition and The Stewardship Network. They will help you learn more about aquatic invasive species in your area and help direct you to opportunities to get involved.” secondary_line_keywords=”we need your help” primary_line=”Learn more and volunteer” primary_line_keywords=”learn more,volunteer”][invicta_partners logo_1=”1567″ logo_2=”1588″ name_1=”Michigan Invasive Species Coalition” link_1=”” name_2=”The Stewardship Network” link_2=””]
[invicta_heading alignment=”left” primary_line=”The Landing Blitz” primary_line_keywords=”Blitz” secondary_line=”Aquatic invasive species like to hitchhike on boats and no, they don’t ask. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in partnership with local volunteer organizations is helping prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species by visiting boat launches to educate on the impact of invasive species and how to prevent their introduction through proper boat cleaning.” secondary_line_keywords=”educate,awareness,impact”]
[invicta_testimonial author_name=”Kevin Walters, DEQ Aquatic Biologist” author_country=”us”]The number one take away is that it only takes a few minutes for boaters and anglers to greatly reduce the risk of spreading aquatic invasive species. The concise messaging for the event is essentially “Clean, Drain, Dry, Dispose”. We ask boaters and anglers to clean their boats, trailers and gear before leaving a launch ramp. This typically involves a quick 360 degree walk around the boat/trailer to remove all foreign objects (plant material, mud, etc.).[/invicta_testimonial]
[invicta_steps name_1=”Clean” text_1=”A quick 360 degree walk around the boat/trailer to remove all foreign objects (plant material, mud, etc.). A hose, manual car wash, or AIS specific boat wash can also help in this step.” name_2=”Drain” text_2=”Drain live wells, bilges and other compartments that hold water. Plant fragments, small aquatic invasive species and fish diseases can unknowingly be transported in seemingly clean water.” name_3=”Dry” text_3=”Take a towel and dry the hull, motor and internal compartments. If possible, it is also recommended letting everything dry for at least 5 days before launching into a new water body.” name_4=”Dispose” text_4=”Dispose of your unused bait in a trash can and not the lake or river you were just fishing in. Invasive species and fish diseases can sometimes be mixed in with bait and bait bucket water.”]

Latest News

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[invicta_heading size=”small” primary_line=”Advocacy Partners” primary_line_keywords=”Partners” secondary_line=”Advocates partnering with Science Around Michigan for the #MIspecies campaign to help promote, educate, and raise awareness about the impact of invasive species. ” secondary_line_keywords=”Advocates,awareness,#MIspecies”]

Drew Rayner
West Michigan CISMA Coordinator

Allison Mills
Michigan Technological University Science and Technology Writer

Brian Miller
East Grand Rapids City Commissioner

Nicole Wood
Central Michigan University Ecology Wildlife Researcher – Mute Swans

Ginny Wanty
West Michigan Cluster Coordinator for The Stewardship Network

Organization Partners

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