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MSU Professor To Chair NSF Biological Sciences Committee

A Michigan State University professor, Dr. Katherine Gross, has been appointed chair of the National Science Foundation’s biological sciences advisory committee. Gross currently serves as director of the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station and the University Distinguished Professor of Plant Biology.

Dr. Gross joined the biological sciences committee in March of 2011. She will serve as chair until April of 2017. In her official capacities, she will act as liaison between the committee and the NSF Director of Biological Sciences.

Her committee provides advice and recommendations to the NSF on education, research, and human resources. Their expertise will help guide NSF policy on key issues facing the nation and science. Issues like the environment, human welfare, the economy, and agriculture. Her leadership will help NSF make better use of their finite resources and achieve greater returns.

Story Sourcing: MSU TodayNSF BIO AC

Photo Credit: Michigan State University

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