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Science in the News – Week of April 19

Science in the news, headlines from across Michigan. Stay engaged and see what’s happening in science today that will make a difference tomorrow. 


Only three wolves seem to remain in Isle Royale National Park. Researchers from Michigan Technological University observed the wolves during their annual Winter Study, and the lone group, at an unprecedented low, is a sharp decline from nine wolves observed last winter. (Michigan Tech News)


Nineteen National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows from Michigan State University have been selected for 2015 – the largest class of fellows for MSU since the program began in 1952. (MSU Today)


New department will advance computational science research. A new academic department at Michigan State University will bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines and will serve to advance cutting-edge interdisciplinary science and the training of undergraduate and graduate students. (MSU Today)


Researchers at the Michigan State University College of Engineering are getting closer to phoning home a rapid-response diagnostic test for malaria. Peter Lillehoj, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is heading a team of researchers that will use a $1.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop the technology to diagnose and monitor cerebral malaria using mobile phones. (MSU Today)

Dark Energy

Univ. of Michigan scientists and students will build components of a giant camera that will map 30 million galaxies’ worth of the universe in three dimensions. The camera is officially known as the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, abbreviated DESI, and it’s designed to help answer one of the most puzzling scientific questions of our time: Why is the expansion of the universe accelerating? (R&D Magazine)

Science Fiction:

Octavia’s Brood, A science fiction anthology being launched this week in Detroit uses the genre as a form of social activism. (Michigan Radio)

Women in STEM:

UCS student plays host to computer science camp for girls over Spring Break. (Macomb Daily)

Story excerpts are sourced from their links and edited for clarity.
Image Credit: Michigan Tech News – Allison Mills 

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