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Science in the News – Week of June 6

Dr. Aleksey Smirnov drilling in Australia
Dr. Aleksey Smirnov drilling in Australia – MTU

Science in the news, headlines from across Michigan. Stay engaged and see what’s happening in science today that will make a difference tomorrow.

Ancient Earth Core:

Old rocks hold on to their secrets. Now, a geophysicist at Michigan Technological University has unlocked clues trapped in the magnetic signatures of mineral grains in those rocks.. These clues will help clear up the murky history of the Earth’s early core. (Michigan Tech News)

Sports Fishing:

As one of the most highly prized game fish in the upper Midwest, muskellunge (also known as muskies) and northern pike help support a $20 billion sport fishing industry. Facing declines in natural reproduction, a team of scientists, including a Michigan State University inland fisheries researcher, has developed a list of research and management needs to help keep the fish — and the industry — thriving. (EurekAlert!)

Mobile Science Lab (Video):

The school year is over in two days, but that didn’t keep kids at Lansing’s Reo Elementary School from having a good time learning about dry ice and electrical properties in potatoes. This is a traveling program from the Michigan Science Center, trying to get students excited about science. (WILX10)

MSU Extension and 4-H Animal Science (Alternative Chicken Exhibits):

Michigan State University Extension and Michigan 4-H have developed programming that will allow poultry enthusiasts to demonstrate their knowledge at fairs and exhibitions this summer without exhibiting live birds. The announcement of alternative activities comes on the heels of Monday’s announcement from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development canceling all poultry and water fowl shows, exhibitions, swap meets, fair petting zoos, game bird and waterfowl displays, and Miracle of Life exhibits. The cancellation is a precautionary measure to ensure the health of Michigan’s bird population; no avian influenza has been detected in Michigan, the state reported. State departments of agriculture in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Illinois barred poultry shows earlier this year. (Midland Daily News)

Gift to MSU Honors Expert:

A $400,000 gift from a former student will honor an expert in pattern recognition, computer vision and biometric recognition with the creation of an endowed fund at Michigan State University. The East Lansing school announced this week that the Anil K. Jain Endowed Graduate Fellowship is an anonymous cash gift from a businessman who was a visiting scholar in computer graphics and image processing in Jain’s laboratory in the early 1980s. (9&10 News)

Expanding International Research Opportunities:

Representatives from some of the world’s largest research funding agencies, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, will be at Michigan State University [date passed] to advise faculty on how to expand their international research opportunities. The Academy for Global Engagement is convening its second annual gathering to teach early- to mid-career faculty members how to pitch scientific ideas and grow research and development resources from traditional and new international funding sources. (MSU Today)

Story excerpts are sourced from their links and edited for clarity.

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