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Science In The News – Week of March 29

Science in the news, headlines from across Michigan. Stay engaged and see what’s happening in science today that will make a difference tomorrow. 

Science Headlines This Week

Feral Chickens

It may sound like the makings of a joke, but answering the question of how chickens crossed the sea may soon provide more than just a punch line. Michigan State University researcher Eben Gering has collaborated with a team in a study of the mysterious ancestry of the feral chicken population that has overrun the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Their results, published in the current issue of Molecular Ecology, may aid efforts to curtail the damage of invasive species in the future, and help improve the biosecurity of domestic chicken breeds. (MSU Today)



For one weekend, 300 students from a wide range of disciplines and skill levels will team up to build creative, innovative technological projects from scratch. (MSU Today)


UM research on lifetime risk of ovarian cancer may help women make informed decisions. (UM News)

Public Policy:

UM to host conference on strengthening the roles of universities in national science policymaking: education, research and engagement. (UM News)


College of Engineering Dean Wayne Pennington joins representatives of more than 120 other engineering schools and colleges at the White House today to celebrate a commitment to educate a new generation of engineers expressly equipped to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing society in the 21st century. (MTU News)

Story excerpts are sourced from their links and edited for clarity.

Image Credit: MSU and Dominic Wright

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