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State senator urges communities to help keep STEAM professionals in Michigan

This morning, Michigan State Senator (R-25th District) Phil Pavlov introduced Senate Resolution No. 146 calling for Michigan communities to ‘pursue innovative policies that promote economic development by attracting young STEAM–science, technology, engineering, arts, and math–professionals to work in financially distressed communities.’

Pavlov’s resolution points out that Michigan saw a net reduction of 4.4% in young workers over the past five years. The lack of STEAM opportunities is leading to a brain drain from Michigan’s world-renowned universities. ‘Reversing the outgoing tide of young STEAM professionals is of the highest priority.’

The senator calls for “reducing the income disparities for young STEAM professionals choosing to live in a community where earning potential is less than high-demand STEAM areas. Incentives like student loan assistance and employment relocation reimbursement expenses would aid in this endeavor to make Michigan more attractive to these 21st century workers.”

Senate Resolution No. 146.

Photo: Chamber of the Michigan Senate

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