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Introducing Alternating Currents, Article Series On Michigan’s Electrical Power Industry

I am excited to announce that starting next week we will be introducing Alternating Currents, a three-part series on the electrical power industry in Michigan.  We will be breaking down three important areas: how electricity is made; how it gets to you; and the public policies and oversight behind the industry.

Electricity in modern society is as much a commonality in public and private spaces as people. It is natural to assume electricity is everywhere, always available at our whims. We enter dark rooms on the basic assumption that there is electricity flowing through the walls ready to illuminate our way. It is invisible, yet ever-present.

The electrical energy industry is vital to modern society, yet a mystery to most. The concerns of your average household will rarely extend beyond simple questions of cost and reliability. It is only during moments of crisis do we truly broach the surface of the most vital aspect of modern society, the underlying foundation that makes our entire world possible. Because few things spur action more than being without power during a Michigan winter.

In this series, we will be taking you from start to finish, from fuel sourcing to the moment you turn on your laptop to read this article—the who, what, where, why, and when.

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